Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pride: My Life Behind Bars as a White Sox Fan

The picture above explains it all. My life behind bars, holding onto Pride. (Thank you for the photo, Ron Palmer)

As I lie in my old bed, surrounded by pink walls with a black trim and a purple comedy/tragedy mask (that my friend Jenn in high school created) with heirlooms from my childhood, I am reminded of how home is something that will never change no matter how old I am.

Now I didn't grow up in this house, but rather the south side of Chicago (Go White Sox). However, I did move to the North side in 6th grade and when our teacher divided our class with Cubs and Sox fans, I gladly joined the small group of White Sox fans and chose to never change my view for fear of becoming a traitor. I only went to White Sox games unless they were playing the Cubs especially with one of my best friends Cathy. I came home to not only one but two Cubs shirts that my mom bought me as once again a White Sox Fan. Now I have a dilemma, do I become a fair weathered fan and root for the Cubs which are a much more popular team and thanks to Back to the Future's pretty close prediction last year, they are more popular then ever (and yes I know I said popular twice in one sentence, and now thrice) with tickets selling up to $50,000! If you ask me, I choose not to betray the team that I have grown up to love in order to become a fair weathered Cubs fan but rather I will put aside my pride and become a CHICAGO fan. Yes, a Chicago fan is a fan that roots for Chicago and eats Chicago deep dish pizza, takes the Chicago EL, calls the Willis Tower, by it's real name, The Sears Tower, shovels out parking spots in the winter and puts a chair in their spot (and don't you dare try and remove that chair), drinks 312 and Goose Island, and loves the Blackhawks, Bulls, and Bears no matter what their view points are about the White Sox versus the Cubs or better yet the North Side Versus the South. For one time in my life I will join my family and friends and support the team that deserves to win after a curse was placed many years ago. This is not only a time for the Cubs but also for Chicago. I have never seen so much pride in one city even when the White Sox won several years ago. The Blackhawks, Bulls and Bears have had their opportunity to win big and our fans have flooded the streets. So there you have it, I am with Chicago on this one and as the song says, "Go Cubs Go."

What are you holding onto with your stubborn pride? 

Here is a link, in case you haven't seen the video that has gone viral. I admit that it is pretty cool to be home at a time that is making history. I also think these people had WAY too much time on their hands.

In Karl Moore's Book, which I highly suggest reading The 18 Rules of Happiness he tells us that rule #5 is to Learn to Let Go
Simply ask yourself the question: “Can I let this go?” Which is another way of saying: Can you unclench the grip you have around this feeling right now? Can you release the grip? Can you let go of the resistance? Can you just drop the emotion attached to this issue?

“By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try, the world is beyond the winning.” – Lao Tzu

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