Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Writer's Journey Continues

Lovely photo huh? Read on to discover why a beautiful woman is attacking me. And onto the next episode...dun dun dun.

My journey continues. Ok, so I have to admit that I am one day past the due date I was suppose to have my blog done. However, I did tell you in my last one that I am a procrastinator. That being said, my friend threw an early Halloween party last night and I just had to get my costume together so being one day late doesn't totally mess up my integrity, does it? Anyways, onto the fun stuff.
Yup, we're cute. Don't even try to deny it. Now you understand why I delayed this blog by one whole day. Oh yes, besides being a procrastinator, some of you already know I can really go off on random tangents. Hmm...should I change the name of my blog to "A Life of Randomness?"

So this week was quite the week. I started out catering at a Fancy Gala for a very famous celebrity for her LGBT charity which was a beautiful event. I'm not sure if I am allowed to name drop so I will just leave her name out. Oh no, I just told you it was a she. Now I have your minds going crazy with who it could possibly be. Hope you aren't losing too much sleep over it. If that doesn't keep you up at night, watch Stranger Things and I guarantee you will not sleep next to your wall for quite some time. (spoiler alert). The night was full of excitement until the cloth napkins went missing. This is the exciting life I lead ladies and gents. Now for those of you in catering, we all know that at the end of the night somehow the napkins always seems to be misplaced because nobody has discovered a little secret called putting the black napkins into a blue bag, not a black trash bag. If you are reading this Mike, love ya and please still hire me. All in all, I feel bad for all of the staff who ended up searching through the trash until Midnight, only to discover that one of event workers took the cloth napkins to the be cleaned. Crisis averted and yes thank you to the other staff members who jumped on in to try and save the day. I however, did not join in the jumping into the trash can fun, although that would of been quite a story if I had.

Moving onto Monday, I filmed a scene where I got interrogated and choked about 30 times (ahh the life of an actor) with the lovely Anna-Lea pictured below.
Also a shoutout to the amazing people at Relentless Filmworks in Studio City also pictured below. Seriously, if you need a demo reel these are the people who make magic happen. We interrupt you to bring an endorsement, but this is my blog and I can do what I want. Besides you are still reading, I know you are. Now, Anna-Lea is as sweet as can be so I am really excited to see how her bad-ass character came out and how deathly afraid of her I must of looked when she was kicking my butt.

 See she doesn't bite.

The rest of the week was a lot of fun and a little bit of work. I am taking a course about Life Education and Commitment. Not just a pretty face. I chose to be fearless in my creativity and while I love acting and also hiding behind a computer screen typing or recording voice overs, I am terrified of public speaking. I decided what the heck, lets just do it like Nike says. I figured this would be my first attempt at speaking in front of people in a vulnerable and hopefully funny and clever way and if for some reason I bomb then I could just cry myself to sleep. I also have this crazy plan in my head that one day I will attempt stand up comedy. Now that scares the heck out of me. Being my super original self I decided to talk about my fears and flaws in a rhyme that can best be described as "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air." Now I thought it was cute and clever and I got a lot a laughs and a few awwws but the next part I never expected. One of my classmates reached out to me because she liked my writing saying I had "poetic talent." Not to get all mushy but it was probably one of the nicest things anyone has told me in a while. She asked if she could hire me to help her come up with a sort of poetic jingle/slogan for a International Women's Peace conference that she will be speaking at. This is completely unfamiliar territory for me but I am so excited to be helping her out and so many other women. Now yes I enjoy being a little silly and funny and can go on and on about how much I partied this week with some of my closest friends, and all the crazy antics that occurred but I am here to own my creativity and take myself as well as any of you reading this on the journey of my life as it evolves. No more procrastination, as I have so many exciting projects in the works that I can't wait to share with you all. So there you have it, little by little I am creating a new life for myself that I am the owner of and I thank you for sharing it with me.

And now your quote of the day as promised, brought to you from the movie Vanilla Sky. And yes I used to work in radio, hence the radio announcer voice. Just imagine it in your head for a second. I'll be quiet.

"Every passing moment is a chance to turn it all around."

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dglass06 said...

I love your blog...remember me when it goes viral and turns into a book.

Kristine Angela said...

Thank you @dglass06 for your kind words and here's hoping!

Jordan Ring said...

Great blog. Liberating words.

Kristine Angela said...

Thank you Jordan. I really appreciate it!